Xango Shola Home

Xango Shola is a vistionary artist and devotee to the human experience. She began creating works of art in infancy. Whether she is performing, painting, creating clothing, jewelery, or curating an event, her expression consistently guides one through a dynamic journey of the heart.

Shola co-produces a series of events called XANGO. XANGO is a celebration of LOVE. It acts as a nexus, a mass collaboration of artists, musicians, performers and light workers. Her ability to curate experiences is alchemical, reverent and relates to all beings.

Her shows are spectacles of music, movement and fashion. The models are a band of beauties who call themselves, LA MADRE FUERZA. (The Mother Force) They represent whole heartedly the divine feminine and create vibrations that are evolutionary.Shola has traveled and lived in Argentina, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Israel, Bali, Kenya and Tanzania. Her global influence is prevalent in her clothing design and she uses all recycled materials and fabrics gathered from her travels.


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